Instant Pot Beef Lo Mein

Instant Pot Beef Lo Mein–an easy dump and go version of beef lo mein with broccoli, carrots, noodles and thinly sliced beef.

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Instant Pot Beef Lo Mein

Instant Pot Beef Lo Mein

If you know me, you know I love dump and go, one pot meals. This Instant Pot beef lo mein recipe is not how one would typically make lo mein. It cuts down on steps and dishes. And it still tastes delicious! It uses easy to find ingredients that you might already have in your home.

Instant Pot Beef Lo Mein Recipe Tips:

  • Find the right cut of beef. I saw a package of bottom round roast that was pre-sliced at Winco. The pieces were sliced into about the same size as thick cut bacon pieces. Then I used kitchen shears to cut it into 2 inch strips (scroll below the recipe card to see a visual). The beef turned out so tender and delicious. If you can’t find pre-sliced bottom round just buy a bottom round roast and have the butcher slice it very thin (like bacon).
  • Store gingerroot wrapped up in foil in the freezer. Use a tiny grater* or microplane to grate the frozen ginger, there is not need to peel it. It’s easier to grate when frozen and it lasts for a long time in the freezer.
  • Sometimes when you add spaghetti (fettuccini or linguine) into the Instant Pot all in one bunch it sticks together and clumps up after pressure cooking. By layering the noodles in a criss-cross pattern your noodles won’t clump as much (scroll below the recipe card to see a visual). To avoid the burn message, don’t stir the noodles. Press them down a bit to submerge as much as possible (not all of them will be in liquid). FYI: I didn’t use typical lo mein noodles because they do not hold up well in the Instant Pot they turn out mushy and gluey.
  • For the broccoli and carrots pick your poison. You can pressure cook or stir fry them. The pressure cooked veggies are super soft vegetables, similar to steamed. This method does not give you that stir fry taste. If you like the crisp tender veggie taste then you can stir fry the carrots and broccoli in a pan on the stove while the meat and noodles are pressure cooking. Alternately, you could stir fry the carrots and broccoli in the Instant Pot using the sauté setting before you start the recipe. Then just set the veggies aside until the meat and noodles are done cooking.
  • For some foods that tend to foam like pasta I find it works well to release steam in 1 second bursts. Move the valve back and forth between sealing and venting. Then once the steam comes out less forcefully move valve to venting and keep it there until you are able to open the Instant Pot.

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Instant Pot Beef Lo Mein

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Instant Pot Beef Lo Mein


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Instant Pot Beef Lo Mein

  • Author: 365 Days of Slow and Pressure Cooking
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 3 minutes
  • Total Time: 23 minutes
  • Yield: 6 servings 1x


An easy dump and go version of beef lo mein with broccoli, carrots, noodles and thinly sliced beef. 



  • 1 to 1 ½ pounds beef bottom round roast, pre-sliced very thin
  • 2 Tbsp vegetable or canola oil
  • ¼ cup low sodium soy sauce
  • 2 Tbsp minced gingerroot
  • 2 Tbsp minced garlic
  • 2 Tbsp rice vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp oyster or fish sauce
  • ¼ tsp black pepper
  • 2 Tbsp brown sugar
  • 8 oz spaghetti (whole wheat is okay)
  • 2 cups beef broth (or 2 cups water + 2 tsp better than bouillon beef base)
  • 4 medium carrots, peeled and sliced into matchstick size pieces
  • 1 pound fresh broccoli 
  • 2 tsp sesame oil
  • Crushed red pepper
  • Sesame seeds


  1. Cut the thin slices of beef round roast into 2 inch pieces (I used kitchen shears). Add them into Instant Pot.
  2. Add oil, soy sauce, gingerroot, garlic, vinegar, fish sauce, black pepper and brown sugar into Instant Pot. Stir well to coat the beef. If you have time let the beef marinate in the sauce for 15 minutes to 2 hours in the refrigerator. 
  3. Add broth into the pot. Break spaghetti in half and lay it in a criss cross pattern in the pot. Use a spoon to press the noodles down a bit into the liquid. 
  4. For soft, cooked vegetables add the carrots in on top of spaghetti and then the broccoli in one or two big pieces. For more of a stir-fried taste with the vegetables do not add in now (see note). 
  5. Cover Instant Pot and lock the lid into place. Make sure valve is set to sealing. Set the manual/pressure cook button to 3 minutes. When time is up move valve to venting for 1 second and stop. Repeat multiple times until the steam coming out is less forceful. At that point, you can release the remaining pressure in a steady stream. Remove the lid.
  6. Cut broccoli into smaller pieces, it should be very soft. Stir everything together well so that sauce is coating the noodles. Stir in the sesame oil and red pepper to taste (start small, you can always add more). Add in sesame seeds to taste.
  7. Scoop into bowls and serve. 


For a more stir-fried taste to your vegetables heat a pan on the stove over medium high heat (do this while the noodles and beef are pressure cooking). Add in 2 tsp of vegetable oil. Cut broccoli into small florets. Add in broccoli florets and carrots and sauté until crisp-tender. Set aside and then stir the vegetables in with the noodles when pressure cooking cycle is up. 

I used my 6 quart Instant Pot Duo 60 7 in 1*. Make in 8 quart pot with no changes. Halve the recipe for the 3 quart pot.

  • Category: Beef
  • Method: Instant Pot


Find beef bottom round roast that has been pre sliced very thin (or ask butcher to slice it)


Cut slices into two inch pieces with kitchen shears


Finely grate fresh ginger root (no need to peel)


Add beef, ginger, oil, soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, fish sauce, pepper and brown sugar into pot and stir well to coat meat.


Add in 2 cups water plus 2 tsp better than bouillon beef base


Break spaghetti in half. Lay spaghetti in a criss cross pattern


Add carrots and large pieces of broccoli into pot


Pressure cook for 3 minutes


Cut up pieces of broccoli


Stir in sesame oil, red pepper and sesame seeds


Scoop into bowls and serve

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