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Chicken Enchilada Soup

This quick and easy slow cooker chicken enchilada soup recipe is perfect for a weeknight dinner idea, tailgating, or parties! Easily prepped in under 10 minutes this is a family favorite! If you love this recipe you should also try my White Chicken Chili or my Chicken Tortilla Soup! Easy Chicken Enchilada Soup Is An Easy Dinner Idea! Having easy dinners in your rotation is a must! …

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Udon Soup

Please share & enjoy our recipe Learn how to make Udon Soup (うどん)! Easy to make this popular simple Japanese noodle soup with few ingredients. Slippery al dente udon noodles with a satisfying chewy bite in a comforting, light, and well-balanced savory broth. What is Udon? Udon (Japanese: うどん) is a type of wheat flour …

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